About Rudy

Hi, my name is Ruud (for friends and family Rudy)! Living in Spain, I cook the tastiest dishes and come up with the most delicious recipes (I hope)!

Cooking from a bag or package is really not done for me, the added sugars and flavorings do not make that very interesting for me and it is also often far from what a dish should actually taste! For example, you can make a tomato sauce yourself, much healthier and tastier!

I never studied cooking, in fact, I studied pharmaceutical economics, but I like cooking too. All the recipes I come up with myself, inspired by everything and everyone around me. Some recipes may be a bit more difficult for the less experienced chef, but hopefully I’ve at least been able to inspire you!

The vast majority of my recipes will be with fish, shellfish or vegetarian. Just because I like it much better and because I believe that (too much) meat is not that healthy, but I do not feel called to propagate not eating meat :).

Contact me

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to send me a message! I love to hear from visitors! To send me a message, please go to the contact page.