Difference between stock and broth and health benefits. What is the difference between stock and broth? - Stock and broth are foundational in cooking. From soups and stews to a cooking medium for everything from grains to vegetables, to the basis of sauces and gravies, it is no wonder that many recipes begin with stock or broth in their ingredient list. The two are used nearly interchangeably in print, and in fact, many recipes will call for stock OR broth, which raises the question. What exactly is the difference between stock and broth?
Kala Namak (black salt) Kala Namak (Black Salt): Everything you need to know - First time I cooked with Kala Namak I studied a lot about this special Black Salt. The Kala Namak or Black Salt gives the food a sulfurous taste. For vegans, the black salt is especially appreciated at the table and with cooking for its egg-like taste.
DIY: Make your own spice blends and seasonings - If you make your own spice mixes you can also be sure that there are no E numbers and / or flavor enhancers.